Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an old automobile that might barely be in working condition, or worse yet, have a junk automobile in your garage or on your property, the ideal way to get rid of it is to find the right company that offers cash for cars across town. At AZ Cash for Rv's and Cars, we have some fair offers that we provide our customers and ensure that they are being duly compensated for their old automobiles. We have been highly praised, over the years, for prioritizing transparency and customer service above profits. On this page, many of the most common queries can be found for reference. However, even if any new clients have some more queries that are not covered here, they can reach out to us, and our customer service team will be happy to help with accurate information. We are widely accepted as a reliable company to sell your old automobiles to in Surprise, AZ.

How to get fair evaluations for old cars?

To get a fair evaluation by any expert that offers cash for classic cars, it is important to try and make your old automobile as presentable as possible. If you have all the original parts of the car as well as the paperwork, the evaluation can be a lot higher. Another factor that can increase its value is if the engine is in working condition and even starts.

Do you purchase old trucks?

Yes. We can offer cash for trucks of various models. We can come to take a look at your truck and give you a fair price depending on its make and condition. If you accept, we give you the payment right then and haul the truck out of your property without any further delay. This helps you free up some space on your property while being compensated.

Are you insured?

Yes. As trusted experts in this industry, we make sure that our clients feel more confident about hiring us as we are backed by insurance. Our approach to each new deal that we make is based on making fair offers and trades with the owners.

How to get great offers for my old RV?

To get great offers for an old RV, one has to understand that the prices that are offered by anyone providing cash for RVs are entirely dependent on the condition of the motor home’s exterior as well as interior. If your old RV is in working condition, then cleaning it out property and ensuring that the interior looks presentable can increase its value during the evaluation.

How much experience do you have in this industry?

We have been in the junk cars business for upwards of two decades, through which we have helped numerous clients get rid of their old automobiles at fair prices. We never undervalue an automobile and do our best to give customers that we are serving as fair of a price as possible.

Once clients that are looking to sell their old automobiles go through this queries page, we are certain that they will be ready and willing to make a deal. However, if they have some more queries that they would like for us to address, they can simply reach out to AZ Cash for Rv's and Cars at (480) 336-9219, and our customer service experts will be more than happy to help. Our offers are truly unmatched across the entire Surprise, AZ area.